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Dog owners more likely to get dates

Posted in news by jenapincott on January 5, 2009

paris_hilton3Psychologist Nicolas Guguen, who conducted experiments on how makeup and thoughts of love affect men’s behavior, has recently turned his attention from men to dogs. More specifically, he and his colleagues published a study on how dogs facilitate social interactions among humans. Is it true, for instance, that women are more likely to get hit on when walking their puppy? Are men more likely to get a woman’s number when walking a dog than when strolling solo?

As you might expect, the answer is yes — evidenced by the number of well-groomed dog owners so obviously on the prowl. And now we have further proof because all of Guguen’s experiments prove that dogs endear their owners to strangers. 1.) Men and women, when soliciting passers-by for spare change, were given more money when accompanied by a dog. 2.) After dropping coins on the ground, dog owners were more likely to get help picking them. 3.) And yes — when hitting on women in the street, men scored more phone numbers when walking a dog than when walking alone.

Interestingly, the type of dog might also have an effect, according to an earlier study. Researchers sent a woman out on the street with three different types of dogs (Labrador Retriever puppy, Labrador adult, or Rottweiler adult). When the woman was alone on the street, most people ignored her. When walking the Rottweiler, the woman got somewhat more attention. When walking the Labs, either the puppy or the adult, the woman attracted much more attention in the form of smiles and verbal responses — suggesting the dog’s looks, personality, and approachability count as much if not more than the owner’s.

Social cues — signs of character and approachability — are among the topics explored in BLONDES. Clearly, dog ownership is one of those cues — suggesting receptivity and even kindness. If this is true, perhaps the best dating advice is to get thee to a shelter — and be sure to vet the dog’s personality and attractiveness as thoughtfully as you would any other life companion.


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