POLL (women only): Does size really matter?

Posted in Polls and Surveys by jenapincott on September 10, 2008

When more than 25,000 women responded to the penis size question in a survey taken by MSNBC/Elle, most — 85 percent — were totally satisfied with their partner’s size. Only a small minority — little more than 1 in every 10 women — wanted their man to be larger, and even fewer women — about 1 in 50 — wanted their partners to be smaller.

Pose the penis question to men and the results are strikingly different. When more than 25,000 guys in the study were asked if they were satisfied with the size of their privates, nearly half desired to be larger down there, even if they saw themselves as average in size. (FYI, the average size of an erect penis is 5.3 in. or 13.5 cm.)

The big question, as discussed in BLONDES: If women are so satisfied with their men, why do men give themselves short shrift?

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