Visions of the Information Revolutionaries

[coauthored under pen name Adam Brate]


Technomanifestos is the story of computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and other visionaries who raised profound questions of how technology relates to human beings, redefining who and what we are and where we are going. It presents a broad history of computer technology in the last fifty years through profiles of the revolutionaries and highlights of their writings. It is not a collection of essays, but a coherent history drawn from the ideas of seminal works.

The visionaries featured in this book are certainly not the only information revolutionaries, but they are the best propagators of ideas central to the Information Revolution. They recognize the power of technologies to communicate ideas and have effectively amplified their own visions throughout the system. Through their writings and mastery of information technologies, they assume a position on the front lines. Many other people, from anthropologists to educators to biologists to linguists to psychologists, are an integral part of the web, and are mentioned in context.

This book reveals where the Information Revolution has come from and where it may go, serving as a starting point for investigation in how information technology affects society. The ethical, political, and economic decisions that thinking people must now face are some of the most difficult. The future depends upon regulatory feedback, the basis of cybernetics. Feedback enables all systems—individual, political, mechanical, economic, social—to adapt with changes in the environment and learn from them. These technomanifestos are part of that process.

This is the first book to take such a broad view of how the remarkable events of the past half century were crafted by its creators and how they form today's complex web of technology that permeates every facet of our lives…

Leonard Kleinrock, Professor of Computer Science, UCLA, and Chairman, Nomadix, Inc.

A fun read and very provocative… an intellectual journey, the subject of which is people developing technology to enhance people's lives….will stimulate discussion amongst a wide range of people.

Cynthia Solomon, Ed.D., Logo pioneer and Technology Specialist at Milton Academy

A fascinating cross-grained look at the true and secret history of computer science. It's not about e-business folks! It's about a new kind of reality.”

Rudy Rucker, author of the Ware series and professor of Computer Science, San Jose State University