Making the Cisco Connection
The Story Behind the Real Internet Superpower

[coauthored under pen name Adam Brate]


Making the Cisco Connection… is a clear and comprehensive corporate history. There's its meteoric rise at the cusp of the online age, when [founders] Bosack and Lerner initially devised the electronic router that is now the backbone of the Internet. There's the power struggle with a venture capitalist that ousted this once-married duo, the marketing savvy that ultimately gave their product an 80 percent market share, the acquisition strategy that has brought both allies and competitors into the fold, the culture that celebrates cooperation and fair play, the ongoing drive to become an even broader communication gateway….--Howard Rothman

Fascinating and full of human detail.

Thomas H. Davenport, Director, Andersen Consulting Institute for Strategic Change; Professor, Boston University School of Management

…Captures the ongoing story of the Cisco executive team exploiting IT, structuring a unique organization, and creating a dynamic strategy for this breakaway dot com company.

Richard L. Nolan, William Barclay Harding Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

An in-depth look at one of the great success stories of the Information Age. If you like high-tech business books, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Geoffrey James, author of Success Secrets of Silicon Valley