Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?
The Surprising Science of Pregnancy

A bright book of brain candy about the surprising science behind pregnancy


1. Stretch Marks, Shrunken Brains, and a Most Surprising Smell: Science behind the Symptoms
Is There a Purpose to Morning Sickness? * Do Girls Make Us Sicker? * Why Does Daddy-to-Be Stink? * Love in the Time of Germophobia * Do We Smell Pregnant? * What’s Changing Our Looks? * Is the Fetus Tinkering with Our Brain? * Why Are Our Dreams More Vivid? * Do Fetuses Dream?

2. Skinny Chicks, Bossy Broads, and a Basketball in the Belly: The Biology of Boy-or-Girl
Could Girls (or Boys) Run in Some Families? * Do Skinny Chicks Have More Daughters? * Double X or Bust? * Do Bossy Broads Have More Sons? * The Truth about Basketballs and Watermelons * Why Would Girls Prefer Pink?

3. Fat Rats, Salmon-and-Soy Suppers, and Why Grandma’s Diet Matters: Food and the Fetus
Can Mom’s Diet Affect Baby’s Genes? * The Badness of BPA * Can We Eat Too Much for Two? * Why Grandma’s (and Grandpa’s) Diet Matters * Do Piscivores Really Have Brainier Babies? * Booty and Brains * Will What We Eat Now Influence Baby’s Tastes Later? * Is a Little Tipple Really So Terrible?

4. Pudgy Hubbies, Man Boobs, and a Theory about the Daddy Gene: A Daddyology
Why Is Hubby Getting Sick and Chubby? * Does Our Scent Affect Our Partner Subconsciously? * Can Men Breast-Feed? * Fatherly Faces * Is There a Daddy Gene? * Is Pregnancy Naturally a Turn-Off? * Could Sex Prevent Miscarriage?

5. Mama’s Boys, Greedy Fetuses, and Why Everyone Thinks the Baby Looks Like Dad: On Genes and Biases
What Makes the Fetus Greedy? * Who Controls Baby’s Brain? * What Genes Do Babies Inherit from Mom Only? * Tracking Our Foremothers * How Are All Sons Mama’s Boys? * Do Men Prefer Babies Who Resemble Them? * Will the Baby Really Look More Like Dad? * Do Grandparents (Unconsciously) Play Favorites?

6. Frazzled Fetuses, Snooping Geniuses, and Why Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies: Prenatal Predictors
What Do Fetuses Learn by Eavesdropping? * What Can Mozart (or Any Other Music) Really Do? * Will Exercise Strengthen Baby’s Brain? * Could Fetuses Thrive on Stress? * How Fetuses Calm Us * Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies? * Do Fidgety Fetuses Become Feisty Kids? * What Does Baby’s Birth Season Predict? * What Can We Forecast from a Fetus’s Fingers?

7. Eve’s Legacy, Nipple Power, and the Golden Hour
Some Science of the Maternity Ward

Is there a Purpose to Painful Birth? * The Science of Squat * Do White Mamas Have Longer Pregnancies? * Is Daddy Delaying Us? * Can We Induce Ourselves? * Why Does Labor (Often) Strike at Night? * What Happens in the Golden Hour after Birth? * Why Is Baby Born Blue-Eyed? Are We Strangers to Our Newborns? * Why My Baby Smells Sweeter * Do We Really Forget the Pain?

8. Mommy Brain, Mood Milk, and the Weird Half-Life of Cells the Baby Left Behind: A Postpartumology
Do Mommies Have Better Brains? * Why My Baby is Cutest * Is Maternal Instinct Shaped in Infancy? * Why Do We Speak Motherese? * Why Are We Stricken with Colic and Depression? * Why We’re Lefties When We Cradle * What’s Living in Our Milk (and Why)? * Are Breast-Fed Babies Really Brainier? *Does Nursing Really Cause Sag? * Is Milk a Mood Manipulator? * Is Our Sweat Sexy? * What Do Fetuses Leave Behind?

9: Lessons from the Lab: A Summary of Practical Tips

A lively, accessible romp through the science of pregnancy...with wit, personal anecdotes and playful humor.

(starred review)

Utterly fascinating...and a great read.

Christiane Northrup, M.D., ob/gyn physician and author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

Delightful! This book is destined to become every woman's -- and man's -- secret guide to pregnancy. A must read.

Louann Brizendine, M.D., neuropsychiatrist and author of The New York Times bestsellers: The Female Brain and The Male Brain

...A wide array of subjects expectant parents will find utterly captivating...Readers will be entertained and fascinated by this text from start to finish...Pincott writes with humor and vibrancy, bringing science to life.

Publisher's Weekly

A fascinating tour through the science of pregnancy...answers questions, shares stories, and passes on insights gleaned from her exhaustive research...Everything you wanted to know about pregnancy but were afraid to ask.

Annie Murphy Paul, author of Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives

A survey of cutting-edge research...full of useful thinking that will inform and comfort expectant mothers (and fathers) everywhere.

Cacilda Jetha, M.D., co-author of Sex at Dawn