Pourquoi les hommes préfèrent les blondes
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Waarom vrouwen chocola lekkerder vinden dan seks
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Warum stehen Männer auf Blondinen?
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Os homens preferem mesmo as loiras?
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Czy Mężczyźni Naprawdę Wolą Blondynki?
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Warum stehen Männer auf Blondinen?
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Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?
Bodies, Brains and Behavior -- The Science Behind Sex, Love, and Attraction

Glamour meets Scientific American in this sexy, science-inspired book that answers questions about what's really going on when we fall in love...or lust.




CHAPTER 1 Face First

Why do people seem more attractive when gazing into their eyes?
Why do men prefer big pupils?
What makes a face good-looking?
How long does it take to decide if a person is hot?
Are you more attracted to people who look like you?
Do women choose husbands who look like their fathers?
Can you tell a man has daddy potential from his face alone?
How might your mom or dad's age influence your attraction to older faces?
Why do blue-eyed men prefer blue-eyed women?

CHAPTER 2 Following Your Nose

What are pheromones and do they exist in humans?
Why do some men smell better to you than others?
Why might you cheat on a man if you don't like his smell?
Why might the smell of men's sweat brighten your mood and senses?
Does women's body odor have any effect on men?
Can you tell people 's sexual orientation by their smell?
Why might your sex drive pick up around breast-feeding women?
What might your perfume reveal about you?
Can the smell of food or a fragrance be a turn-on?
Is a meat diet a turn-off?
Why might you seem less good-looking in a bad-smelling place?

CHAPTER 3 A Sound Choice

Why might deep-voiced men have more babies?
Why do men prefer high-pitched female voices?
How does your verbal "body language" reveal your attraction to someone?
Can you tell if a person is gay by the sound of his or her voice?
Does the sound of your name affect how others perceive your looks?

CHAPTER 4 The Racy Parts

Why is long hair sexy?
Do gentlemen really prefer blondes?
Do tall men have prettier girlfriends?
Why are high heels sexy?
What does a "wiggle" in your walk reveal?
Why are curves sexy?
Why do men love big breasts?
Why do women feel pressured to be superskinny?
Why do men feel pressured to be buff?
Why do hungry men prefer heavier women?
Why do so many men wish they had bigger penises?
Are men with large genitals more likely to cheat?
What's the purpose of pubic hair?


Chapter 5 His-and-Hers Hormones

Why are there days when men seem especially drawn to you?
Why are you sometimes drawn to macho guys even if they're not your type?
Why don't people go into heat like other animals?
How do the seasons affect your sex life?
What can you tell about people by the ratio of their fingers?
Why do men lose their judgment and decision-making skills when looking at pretty women?
Why does doing something dangerous or exciting increase attraction?
Why do you like and trust a guy more after you've been intimate (even just cuddling)?
Why do men mellow out when they're in a relationship?
When are you most committed to your partner?

CHAPTER 6 Signs and Signals

What body language do women use to express interest?
What's the strongest signal you can use to get someone's attention?
What exactly makes a smile attractive?
Why do guys think you're into them when you're just being friendly?
What body language do guys use to get your attention?
How persuasive is a touch?
What's the hidden agenda in men's pickup lines?
Why is blushing sexy?
Why does mimicry make you more likeable?
Why do you turn your head to the right when you kiss?
Why do we French-kiss?

CHAPTER 7 Sex and Seduction

Why do men have more casual sex?
Why are fewer men than women bisexual?
Are men more aroused than women by pornography?
Can a romantic movie set the mood for love?
Are good dancers also good in bed?
Is chocolate really an aphrodisiac?
How does alcohol affect your sex life?
Can semen make you happier?
Why do women have orgasms?
Are orgasms genetic?
Do women really reach their sexual peak in their thirties?
Why is intercourse more satisfying than masturbation?
Do men and women experience orgasm the same way?
Why do people with satisfying sex lives still masturbate?
Why aren't you sexually attracted to people who grew up with you?


CHAPTER 8 The Dating Mind-set

What do women and men value in a partner?
What secret biases do data from online dating sites reveal?
Why might single men spend more and single women volunteer more?
Why do men give women fancy dinners and vacations instead of useful gifts?
Why does creativity get men laid?
Why aren't there more male muses?
Why is humor a turn-on?
Why are you more attracted to picky people (and they to you)?
Why do people seem hotter when others are into them?
Does a guy love you less after looking at (other) beautiful women?
Why shouldn't you spill everything about yourself on a first date?
Why do you overestimate your competition?
Is there an ideal number of people to date before you settle?

CHAPTER 9 Love on the Brain

How does being passionately in love change your brain?
Why do you find your partner so amazing, even if no one else does?
Why do couples look increasingly alike over time?
Does being in love make you blind to other people's love?
Are people naturally monogamous?
Why does absence make men's hearts grow fonder?
Do your genes make you more faithful or adulterous?
How does your brain "grow" when you're in love?





The Washington Post

Playfully written scientific anecdotes.

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

A compact and witty compendium of all the latest science...


It becomes obvious that we are aware of only a small part of what drives our choices when it comes to choosing whom to marry or with whom we have a sexual relationship...A tremendous amount of potentially useful information in a well-written, entertaining, and easy-to-understand format.

Library Journal

Witty, captivating, scientifically sound and great fun. Every curious man and woman will love this book.

Louann Brizendine, M.D., New York Times Bestselling author of The Female Brain

Reading just one page of this charmer is as impossible as eating one potato chip.

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Percheè gli Uomini Preferiscono le Bionde?
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Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?: Why He Fancies You and Why He Doesn't
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